Airline Timetable Delay statistics
> ArrivalsFlightOriginTime
MondaySA62OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)12:15
TuesdaySA62OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)12:15
WednesdaySA62OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)12:15
ThursdaySA62OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)12:15
FridaySA62OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)12:23
SaturdaySA62OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)12:42
SundaySA62OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)12:15
Disclaimer: the above timetable is given as an indication. Furthermore, codeshared flights may not be displayed.

The last delays recently noted:

AirlineFlightDelay on departureDelay on arrival
SA6728 on 01/2020
SA6728 on 07/2019
SA6748 on 05/2019
SA6744 on 03/2019
SA62 on 01/2019
SA66 on 11/2018
SA66 on 10/2018
SA6728 on 10/2018
SA66 on 09/2018
SA66 on 09/2018
SA64 on 09/2018
SA62 on 08/2018
SA6744 on 08/2018
SA64 on 08/2018
SA66 on 08/2018
SA66 on 08/2018
SA205 on 07/2018
SA66 on 07/2018
SA64 on 06/2018
SA66 on 05/2018
SA66 on 04/2018
SA66 on 04/2018
SA66 on 01/2018
SA66 on 12/2017
SA66 on 10/2017
SA66 on 08/2017
SA6728 on 08/2017
SA66 on 07/2017
Temperature: 29°C
Humidity: 30%
Wind: WSW at 9km/h
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Sun 22nd May

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