Kenneth Kaunda International Airport to handle 6 million visitors

Zambia Airports Cooperation Acting Managing Director Maggie Kaunda says the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport will handle six million visitors per year once it's operational.

Mrs. Kaunda disclosed that government has injected more than 1 billion dollars in the construction of four modern international airports.

She noted that government's support to the aviation sector has helped in improving airport facilities in the country.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Maggie disclosed that the cooperation has intentions of constructing a hotel at Harry Mwanga Nkumbula International Airport.

She noted that the construction of hotels at the two international airports will contribute in increasing bed spaces and accommodation in the hospitality industry.

Mrs. Kaunda explained that conference facilities at the Kenneth Kaunda international airport will allow visitors to hold conferences within the airport facilities.

She said the cooperation wants to make facilities at international airports to be attractive and meet international standards.
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Tue 28th May

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