Zambia Airports Corporation Limited donates 2000 sanitary pads to Girls

The Zambia Airports Corporation Limited has donated 2000 sanitary pads to 350 Girls in Lusaka under the Menstruation Matters project, an initiative that seeks to reduce the dropout rate of girl pupils due to not being able to afford sanitary pads.

During a handover ceremony held at Lubuto Library Partners Model Library, Garden Compound, Zambia Airports Corporation Limited Communications and Brand Manager, Mweembe Sikaulu said they were happy to learn that ‘Menstruation Matters' helps girls from poor social economic backgrounds reduce absenteeism from school through the simple and kind act of providing sanitary towels which has the potential to enhance school performance.

‘In the spirit of being a responsible corporate citizen, Zambia Airports Corporation Limited remains deeply committed to making a substantial and tangible impact on the communities in which we operate. Today, we donate ten thousand kwacha worth of sanitary towels. This means 340 girls will benefit from the distribution of 2,000 sanitary towels enabling them to focus on their education.' She said.

Ms Sikaulu said education is one of their main CSR objectives which is why they partnered with the Lusaka Global Shapers Community in honour of International Women's Day.

‘Lusaka Global Shapers Community is one of those important organisations needed in our society to look after the many young girls who unfortunately are forced to miss school due to a very natural female experience. The great work being done by organisations such as the Lusaka Global Shapers Community and their partners remains increasing vital in giving young girls the chance to obtain a full education without being put at a disadvantage for something they cannot control.'

In receiving the Donation Ms. Sekayi Fundafunda, Curator of Lusaka Global Shapers Hub thanked Zambia Airports Corporation Limited for the donation adding that it will help the 340 girls take care of their monthly periods.

And Given Besa, Library Manager Lubuto Library Partners said they were grateful to the Zambia Airports Corporation Limited for the role they have played in helping the girls to succeed. She added that without access to feminine hygiene products, girls often cannot attend school and miss out on important opportunities.

‘So we would like to thank, from the bottom of our hearts, the Zambia Airports Corporation Limited, Lusaka Global Shapers, and Copper Rose for their contributions to the success of all the girls you see here today. You are truly making a difference for the girls and women of this community, who we in turn know will one day go on to make a difference in our city, our country, and our world.' She said.

 The ‘Menstruation Matters project is being implemented by the Lusaka Global Shapers, Copper Rose and Lis. The project is aimed at helping girls from poor social economic backgrounds with a pack of sanitary towels to reduce absenteeism from school which has the potential to enhance poor school performance. The project goes beyond distribution of sanitary pads by carrying out Menstrual and Sexual Reproductive Health Education in schools giving girls in rural communities the building blocks to build their lives and their dignity.
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